Language agnostic BERT sentence encoding, SCANN and neural collaborative filtering: a combined approach.


Language models are empowering thousands of products and millions of people through language generation like predictive text and classification. For instance, many companies are using NLP for customer service interactions, to help route users to solutions more quickly. Or github and copilot providing code from comments. Maybe most subtly, but…

Logistic Regression from scratch with NumPy.


In my previous article, I wrote about linear regression, starting with linear equations and analytical solutions to fitting your data, to gradient descent-optimized models and using PyTorch primitives to create a single layer neural network to solve a continuous linear regression problem. This time, I will be giving an explanation…

Linear regression from scratch using Pytorch and Autograd

Neural network frameworks, automl solutions and staple numerical libraries, like Scikit-learn and SciPy, have abstracted away much of the logic and math from the implementation of workhorse algorithms. Linear regressions fall into this category. Regressions are fundamental techniques that are often as performant as more complicated models, but we sometimes…

Richard Bownes

BBC Data Scientist

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